Porto Alegre is located in the Far South of Brazil and is the geographic center of Mercosul.
Guaíba Lake cuts the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul from north to south and has a 72 km long
coastline that was once the port of entrance of Azorean couples that settled that region in 1752.
Over the following centuries, the city welcomed immigrants from all over the world, and this
diverse group of different ethnics and religions made Porto Alegre into a multicultural city –
a rare place where diversity is always welcome.

Today there are around 1,5 million inhabitants living in Porto Alegre, which makes the city a market center
for optimum and technologically advanced goods and services. Optical fiber connection provides the
largest WiFi Zone network in Brazil, where connection is free of charge in public buildings and
parks and the surrounding areas, including bars, restaurants and hotels.

It is an economic, financial, political, cultural and administrative center for 31 satellite cities
of the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, with 3.9 million inhabitants. Porto Alegre has first
and foremost one of the best life quality standards in Brazil.

Here are some pictures so you can know the city.

Veleiros do Sul
The South Sailing

The Docks

Guaiba's Shore

Farroupilha Park

Monument of the Azorean

Metropolitan Cathedral

RS' Memorial


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